Reseller Realities: Avoiding Patent Lawsuits and Infringing Cartridges


Actionable Intelligence’s new white paper, which is available as a free downloadable PDF, provides crucial insights on how firms that market ink and toner cartridges for digital printers and copiers can steer clear of infringing products and avoid costly patent lawsuits.

“Making money by selling digital printers and consumables has never been more difficult than it is today,” says Charles Brewer, founder and president of Actionable Intelligence. Competition is fierce, he maintains, in the increasingly mature hardcopy industry. “To improve margins, more and more companies are opting to market cheap clones that blatantly infringe patents,” observes Mr. Brewer. As a result, hardware manufacturers are growing more litigious than ever. Mr. Brewer says he expects to see the number of patent lawsuits climb as more companies like IT service providers and other service organizations look to grow by entering the hardcopy space and maintaining printers.

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran digital imaging supplies vendor, “Reseller Realities: Avoiding Patent Lawsuits and Infringing Cartridges” is a must-read. The report provides an overview of the key lawsuits shaping today’s digital consumables competitive landscape. It details recent legal actions initiated by Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Lexmark and assesses the impact these cases have had on the defendants as well as the overall supplies industry. Actionable Intelligence’s most recent white paper also provides a lexicon of often-used industry jargon so resellers and others in the channel can understand the difference between brand-new cartridges, remanufactured products, and so-called “new builds” and recognize the risks associated with marketing each different type of product.

Download “Reseller Realities: Avoiding Patent Lawsuits and Infringing Cartridges.”

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