Supplies Under Scrutiny in Europe and Russia


cover-supplies-under-scrutiny-EMEAThe digital consumables markets in Europe and Russia are currently flooded with patent-infringing supplies, and many companies are suffering as a result. The latest white paper from Actionable Intelligence, “Supplies Under Scrutiny in Europe and Russia,” which is available as a free downloadable PDF, reviews the most recent patent litigation filed by OEMs in the region with an eye toward how the cases will impact the market in the future. The white paper also examines the role regional legal actions have played historically in shaping the market for consumables in Europe and Russia.

“Because the U.S. market for digital imaging consumables is so huge and so litigious,” observes Charles Brewer, president of Actionable Intelligence, “the high-stakes lawsuits filed here attract a lot of attention and eclipse cases filed in other regions.” He explains, “While they maybe overshadowed by U.S. lawsuits, especially on this side of the pond, European courts see plenty of cases related to ink and toner cartridges. And that list of cases is growing.”

“Supplies Under Scrutiny in Europe and Russia” analyzes the recent legal initiatives of OEMs such as Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung. The report contextualizes these lawsuits historically and reviews the results of past cases and how they changed markets across Europe and in Russia. Actionable Intelligence’s white paper provides an up-to-date picture of the pivotal cases currently working their way through the courts in various European countries. Through the publication of “Supplies Under Scrutiny in Europe and Russia,” together with past reports such as “Supplies under Scrutiny” and “Reseller Realities,” which are also available at, Actionable Intelligence now provides industry participants with a comprehensive look at the legal issues shaping Western markets.

Download “Supplies Under Scrutiny in Europe and Russia.”

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