Actionable Intelligence and ENX Review Pending Lawsuits and Discuss Potential Market Impact


ENX-and-AI-webinarThe market research firm Actionable Intelligence and the monthly industry publication ENX Magazine are teaming up to jointly host what is certain to be the digital consumable industry’s most important online event of the summer. On June 25, the industry’s two leading news and analysis providers will examine the key lawsuits winding their way through courts around the world and explain how the rulings in these cases will impact the consumables market inside the United States as well as in other regions such as China and Europe.


“My firm is grateful to once again work with the seasoned professionals at ENX so we can provide the industry with some clarity and insight into pending litigation inside and outside the U.S.,” says Actionable Intelligence President Charles Brewer. “I’ve been following the consumables industry since the 1990s and there has never been a period like today when legal actions could have such an enormous impact on the global supplies industry.” He adds that complaints filed by Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and others promise to reshape the industry’s competitive landscape. Mr. Brewer points out that the outcomes of two cases—HP’s suit being heard in China’s newly established intellectual property court and Lexmark’s case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit—could fundamentally change the industry.

“ENX Magazine and The Week in Imaging always strive to educate our readers with the in-depth information they need to make the right choices and that’s why we’ve partnered with Actionable Intelligence to host this webcast,” says Susan Neimes, ENX publisher and managing director. “The site is known for its legal coverage and it is the destination information site for breaking news for hardware and supplies executives along with their channel partners.” She points out that in early June, the site broke the news that the U.S. International Trade Commission had sided with Canon in its bid for a general exclusion order to prevent certain toner cartridges from entering the U.S. “Actionable Intelligence is the only research firm that can scrutinize all the ongoing lawsuits and explain what they mean to the market,” adds Scott Cullen, editorial director for ENX Magazine and its digital weekly publication, The Week in Imaging. “I’m delighted that we can offer information to our more than 30,000 readers that is truly actionable.”

Join Actionable Intelligence and ENX as they co-host the online seminar, “Understand How Pending Lawsuits Will Impact the Supplies Market,” at 2 PM Eastern Time on June 25. The webinar will offer scenario-based analysis of what the different outcomes in current lawsuits may mean to various consumables markets as well as to the firms that manufacture and sell supplies.

While it is now too late to register for and attend this webinar, if you missed this webinar, you can hear the replay.

Click to replay the webinar.


Actionable Intelligence and ENX Magazine would like to thank the sponsors of this webinar, HP, Static Control, and Toshiba, for their support and for making this event possible.


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