Actionable Intelligence 3D Printing Technologies Handbook Gets You Up to Speed in 3D


3D-printing-handbook3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, covers a wide and sometimes confusing range of technologies, applications, and materials. Each technology has its advantages and limitations, and not all are appropriate for commercial applications.

This makes it tough for companies trying to break into the 3D printing market. To help sort it all out, Actionable Intelligence has created its 3D Printing Technologies Handbook. The handbook covers the technologies, software, and materials that are most relevant to the commercial market, and it provides the foundational knowledge needed to understand how each one fits in the overall 3D landscape.

Actionable Intelligence’s 3D Printing Technologies Handbook is designed to help resellers, materials suppliers, and OEMs in the hardcopy industry make the transition to 3D. It explains:

  • the differences among resin-, powder-, and filament-based 3D technologies;
  • classes of software that commercial applications are likely to require;
  • the qualities of the different types of materials available; and
  • much more.

The handbook is a great reference for anyone, and it is available now as a free download. It makes a great companion piece to Actionable Intelligence’s recent report, Understanding the 3D Printer Market from a 2D Perspective.

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