The State of the Hardcopy Industry in 2016


On June 16, Actionable Intelligence and ENX Magazine hosted a webinar that provide a detailed look at the current state of the hardcopy industry. “The State of the Hardcopy Industry” included a roundup of recent OEM activities and key market trends along with an assessment of how the leading hardware manufacturers are performing financially. The presentation also offered analysis of the current supplies market including a review of recent M&A activity, lawsuits, and other factors are shaping the competitive landscape for both OEM and non-OEM supplies vendors.


The webinar was presented by Charles Brewer, the founder and president of Actionable Intelligence, and Christina Bonadio, executive editor of

Actionable Intelligence and ENX Magazine would like to thank the sponsors of this webinar, Clover Imaging Group, Future Graphics, Konica Minolta, Static Control, and Toshiba, for their support and for making this event possible.

Whether or not you were able to join us for the live webinar, you can view the presentation by visiting and providing registration details.


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