Actionable Intelligence to Host “Building My Business” Webinar for BTA Members


Actionable Intelligence has announced that it will host its first “Building My Business” webinar for the Business Technology Association (BTA) on August 24. As part of its educational programs for members, BTA holds the “Building My Business” webinar series. This webinar series is open at no cost exclusively for BTA members.

Actionable Intelligence’s webinar in this series is called Changing OEM Competitive Strategies and will examine the evolving competitive strategies that various hardware manufacturers employ to capture more market share and retain what they currently hold. The webinar will be presented by Actionable Intelligence Founder and President Charles Brewer on August 24 at 4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

This interactive webinar will focus on how hardware manufacturers are adapting their businesses to remain competitive in the ever-changing marketplace for machines and consumables. Mr. Brewer will review the key changes manufacturers recently have made to their respective businesses and product lines. He will examine which firms have benefited from the changes they have embraced and which have not, and what that means for the industry going forward. After delivering his talk, which will run approximately 30 minutes, Mr. Brewer will answer questions submitted by webinar attendees.

“We are truly honored to be a part of BTA’s educational initiative,” stated Mr. Brewer in a company press release. “For over 90 years, the association has supported the channels for office technology. It’s a privilege to assist BTA in its educational efforts and offer our insights to its members so they can improve their businesses.” Mr. Brewer says that Actionable Intelligence is committed to supporting BTA and its members. “Earlier this year, we joined BTA as a Service Associate, and we look forward to sharing with BTA members our thoughts on the markets for office-imaging equipment and supplies and the industries that compete in these markets.”

“BTA is pleased to be able to provide this webinar for our members,” said BTA Executive Director Brent Hoskins. “While it is certainly mature, the office technology industry is as dynamic as it has ever been. I know that Charlie will provide our members with information that is truly actionable and will assist them as they continue to develop and implement the best strategies for success in their dealerships.”

In addition to hosting the Changing OEM Competitive Strategies webinar, Actionable Intelligence is supporting BTA by offering its members a 30 percent discount on subscriptions to its website,

For more information and to register for this upcoming webinar, visit

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