Actionable Intelligence to Review the State of the Digital Imaging Industry in 2018


Actionable Intelligence, the digital imaging industry’s leading source for news and analysis, will host a one-hour, interactive webinar on October 30, 2018 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. Sponsored by Brother International, Clover Imaging Group, Epson America, Future Graphics, HP Inc., and Static Control Components, “The State of the Hard Copy Industry in 2018” promises to be the autumn’s “must attend” online event for those seeking the latest information about today’s markets for home and office imaging hardware and the consumables these machines employ.

“With all its legal actions, product launches, and merger-and-acquisition activity, 2018 has been one of the most eventful years in recent memory,” says Actionable Intelligence President Charles Brewer. He observes that, in their endless quest for market share, vendors continue to refine their business models and product lines. Christina Bonadio, executive editor of online news source, agrees. “It has been exciting for us—and more than a little challenging—to chronicle all of this year’s events and analyze how the competitive landscape continues to change,” she says.

Co-hosting “The State of the Hard Copy Industry in 2018” webinar, Ms. Bonadio and Mr. Brewer will review:

  • How hardware manufacturers are doing this year in terms of gaining and losing share;
  • Which hardware is hot and which is not;
  • What the current status is of the industry’s largest lawsuits and what’s expected next;
  • How M&A activity is shaping the competitive landscape for the third-party supplies;
  • Where things stand in the battle between OEMs and aftermarket supplies vendors over market share; and
  • What the current trends in hardware and consumables markets suggest for next year.

Ms. Bonadio shared a snippet of the presentation: a look at the consumer inkjet models introduced in 2018. “There’s a couple of interesting things going on here,” she says. “First, we see Brother, Canon, and Epson—three of the big four inkjet vendors—introducing new ink tank platforms, which we expect the firms to use over the next couple of years. As one would expect, cost per page is high. But take a look at what we are seeing in terms of product pricing. We are seeing vendors try to charge more upfront for inkjets by focusing more on design, such with the HP Tango, or features such as with the crafting elements of the Canon PIXMA TS9520/TS9521C. This is all part of an overall industry trend of focusing on more profitable units.”

Join Actionable Intelligence for “The State of the Hard Copy Industry in 2018,” at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on October 30. The webinar will include a 15-minute Q&A session during which attendees are encouraged to interact with the hosts. Register now to attend the webinar at no cost by visiting

Actionable Intelligence would like to thank its webinar sponsors.

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