New Actionable Intelligence Report Explores Market Impact of Premium Compatible Cartridges


Although it continues to generate approximately $45 billion annually for manufacturers worldwide, the global market for consumables used in home and office digital printing devices continues to decline. One category of ink and toner cartridges is growing, however. For more than a decade, the market for new-build compatible cartridges has been expanding, and each year sales of new-build compatible cartridges increase.

While most new-builds continue to be cheap “clones,” which often perform poorly and infringe various hardware manufacturers’ patents, a new class of “premium” new-build cartridge is emerging. In its most recent white paper, Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change Third-Party Printer Supplies Market, Actionable Intelligence, the consumable industry’s leader in news and analysis, examines the growing market for premium new-build ink and toner cartridges and looks at the course this emerging product category may follow over the next few years.

The white paper traces the development of today’s new-build cartridge industry, which originated back in the days of analog machines such as light-lens copiers and dot-matrix printers. It tells how a small cadre of third-party supplies manufacturers has brought to market a range of ink and toner cartridges based on proprietary digital technologies. These premium products promise to be market disruptive and are already taking share in markets around the world.

In addition to chronicling the industry’s rise, Actionable Intelligence’s most recent report details the key lawsuits that have legitimized the market for new-build third-party supplies, while establishing legal protections to prevent vendors from competing unfairly. Readers will learn how the number of clones exploded during the recession and how infringing cartridges have continued to dog all the legitimate firms that market supplies including both OEMs and third-party vendors. The paper explains how, despite the adverse effects of clones, some manufacturers have worked to address their intellectual property (IP) violations in order to return to the market with products that are non-infringing.

Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change Third-Party Printer Supplies Market concludes with a look at the most recent legal actions and what role IP and the courts may play in supplies markets going forward. It considers the benefits and risks associated with premium new-builds as the popularity of high-end, non-infringing third-party consumables continues to grow in established markets worldwide.

Along with Actionable Intelligence’s other in-depth white papers, Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change Third-Party Printer Supplies Market is currently available at no charge on the firm’s website,

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