Chipjet Releases Replacement Chips for HP 106A/118A Series


On November 19, Chinese aftermarket cartridge chip manufacturer Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co. (Chipjet), which is owned by Hubei Dinglong, rolled out replacement chips for cartridges used in a wide range of low-cost monochrome and color laser devices that HP launched in 2019 based on HP/Samsung engines.

HP acquired Samsung’s printer business in 2017 (see “HP Completes Acquisition of Samsung’s Printer Business”). Prior to that, HP had solely used Canon engines in A4 LaserJet laser printers and MFPs and mainly used Canon engines in its A3 devices as well. Although shortly after the acquisition, HP rolled out a line of A3 MFPs based on Samsung engines, the Canon/HP partnerships continues for A4 and some A3 products. Just this month, HP announced the first HP+ devices in the LaserJet M200 series using a Canon engine design (see “HP Launches First HP+ Printers That Require HP Ink and Toner”). However, HP has also been launching its own “HP Laser” and “Color Laser” A4 devices using the laser technology that it acquired from Samsung. HP introduced a slew of these devices in May 2019 including the monochrome HP Laser 107/108 series and HP Laser MFP 135/136/137 series as well as the color  HP Color Laser 150 series and HP Color Laser MFP M178/179 series.

Now, Chipjet has replacement chipsets for the cartridges employed in these devices. Chipjet says its chips were developed in-house and deliver stable, safe performance. The firm also says it offers “professional and prompt service.”

Its new solutions include replacement chips for HP W1106A black toner cartridges sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and used in Laser MFP 135a/135w/135r/135ag/135wg/137fmw/135fwg and Laser 107a/107w/107r. Chipjet has chips for comparable W1105A cartridges sold in Latin America and used in Laser 107a/107w/107r, Laser MFP 135a/135w/135r/135ag/135wg, and Laser MFP 137fnw/137fwg. In China, the W1110A cartridge is used in the Laser 108a/108w, Laser MFP 136a/136w/136nw/138p/138pn/138pnw/138fnw and Laser Multifunction printer 136wm, and Chipjet has chips for these as well.

For color devices, Chipjet has introduced chips for use in the HP 117A-series cartridges (W2070A, W2071A, W2072A, W2073A) sold in the EMEA and used in Color Laser 150a/150W/150nw, Color Laser MFP 178nw/178nwg, and Color Laser MFP 179fnw/179fwg. Chipjet has launched chips for equivalent cartridges sold in other regions. The HP 116A (W2060A, W2061A, W2062A, W2063A) cartridges are used in the same devices sold in North America and Latin America. The 119A (W2090A, W2091A, W2092A, W2093A) cartridges sold in Asia Pacific (excluding China) are used in Color Laser 150a/150W/150nw, Color Laser MFP 178nw and Color Laser MFP 179fnw models. In China, these same devices use the 118A (W2080A, W2081A, W2082A, W2083A) cartridges.

Chipjet has posted videos of mounting tips for the cartridges. There is one video for the chips for the HP 106A cartridges and the other regional equivalents and a separate video for Chipjet’s chips HP 117A cartridges and equivalents.

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