Canon Grows Toner Cartridge Takedown Tally on Amazon


Since September 7, 2018, Canon Inc. has issued 215 press releases about the patent-infringing third-party toner cartridges it has been able to remove from the Amazon marketplace. Over time, Canon’s campaign to protect the patents it holds on toner cartridges from infringement by Amazon sellers has expanded to include nine countries and several thousand listings successfully removed.

Keeping track of the countries where these takedowns took place, the Amazon sellers impacted, the listings removed, and the Canon patents being asserted is challenging. But we have made it easy for those in the industry by compiling these takedowns, as well as our view of Canon’s strategy, all in one place.

This free report, downloadable as a PDF, covers all of Canon’s Amazon takedown announcements from when they first began on September 7, 2018, through June 30, 2020.

Download “Canon Grows Toner Cartridge Takedown Tally on Amazon.”

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